Duke allowed tattle prohibition on ex-maids services

By Sue Clough Courts Correspondent 12:01 AM BST 23 Aug 2002

The Duke of Westminster, perhaps the wealthiest man, yesterday won a High Court directive restricting his previous maids services from uncovering subtleties of his private life.

Frances Hewson, 51, earned £14,000 per year as the duke’s servant at Eaton Hall, his nation situate in Cheshire, until her rejection last October. Neither one of the parties was in court for the meeting.

Tom Croxford, for the duke, revealed to Mr Justice Stanley Burnton that “my customer comes to some degree reluctantly to look for a directive”. However, late paper articles highlighting Mrs Hewson demonstrated that she was considering composing a book or magazine articles about her time in the duke’s utilize.

This would break the classification terms of her agreement of business and a verbal endeavor she had allowed not long ago, said Mr Croxford.

Giving the order, the judge gave leave for Mrs Hewson, who was not spoken to, to apply to have it changed or released.

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The duke, 50, whose riches is assessed at £4 billion, approved Mrs Hewson’s expulsion after grievances from different individuals from his staff about “pernicious tattle”. She was sacked for gross offense after her exercises caused “discontent and disharmony” underneath stairs.

After her expulsion Mrs Hewson, who had worked for the duke for a long time, lost her elegance and support bungalow on the 11,000-section of land home. Prior this month a work court in Liverpool consistently managed against her case for out of line rejection.

Mrs Hewson now fills in as a night cleaner on a business domain. She turned down an idea of £5,000 from the duke’s attorneys to settle the case before it went to the council, and since losing the case has apparently been offering to uncover subtleties of the Westminster’s private lives to papers for cash.

Mrs Hewson, a mother of two, was cited as saying: “I have been marked as a tattle, so I should carry on as one. This is a David and Goliath circumstance. It’s not me but rather I don’t feel I have a lot of a decision.”

She has just uncovered that Natalia, the duke’s better half, requested staff to position restroom paper in the stately home’s 20 en suite washrooms with the goal that lone two sheets were hanging down. Furniture in the excellent attracting room must be in an exact line with the monolith in the yard, and bed material in every one of the rooms must be collapsed so that the “W” monogram on the sheets was not wrinkled. Upstairs rooms must be cleaned clockwise, asserted Mrs Hewson.

Under the watchful eye of the High Court hearing a representative for the Grosvenor Estate stated: “We have helped her to remember her commitments of classification in her agreement of work.

“The Grosvenor family have never looked for attention and are qualified for their private life. Along these lines Mrs Hewson has given us no other choice than to take out this directive.”