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How to Get Started?

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Submit a cleaning statement solicitation to start. We comprehend that picking somebody to clean your property is no straightforward choice. That is for what reason we’re so adaptable, offering altered cleaning house keepers administration plans planned in view of your needs. No agreements. No hassle. Complete the Quote Request so we can set up open correspondence to guarantee your fulfillment as a long haul customer.

  • Schedule Your First Cleaning

Most individuals select an underlying profound cleaning to begin, at that point change to a standard cleaning administration at a recurrence that suits them. A first cleaning is consistently the most exceptional as we bring a house up to our shining clean standards.

Hint: Some individuals like to utilize the revolution cleaning framework and a need list. Since it can require some investment to get the whole home up to that underlying degree of cleaning flawlessness, we’ll center around your need zones first. At that point as we proceed to tell the truth your home, the little ‘additional items’ that make up a profound cleaning will be pivoted in, and in the end we will have your whole home shimmering. (Typically inside 2-3 cleanings).

Hint: Some customers enjoy maids service Coeur d’Alene on a progressively visit premise, yet have us clean just their high need, high traffic regions. That is consummately fine with us! Simply reveal to us the time, give us your rundown, and we’re great to go!

  • Provide Feedback

After your underlying cleaning, we need to get notification from you. How could it go? Did you seeing whatever needs our consideration? Is there something you need to include or change? Find out about our 100% Guarantee.

Professional Maids Service

We are the Live Clean Today house keepers, the main organization giving full private cleaning administrations in the Spokane metro zone that practices only in making an arrangement for your perfect and solid lifestyle.

By dispensing with cleaning apparatuses, for example, dust wands and residue wipes that are known for spreading soil starting with one spot then onto the next, we give naturally neighborly cleaning administrations that not just make a client’s housekeeper superficially, yet where it counts also. This scrupulousness is the thing that property holders love. Our procedure expels a bigger number of contaminants and allergens from homes than traditional cleaning strategies, which is particularly gainful to sensitivity and asthma sufferers.

We do not move dirt –  
we remove it!

If you are feeling time-starved, pushed, and feel there are insufficient hours in the day to get your home clean, why not have another person do your housecleaning? Furthermore, there’s no preferable decision over the LiveCleanToday. Try not to pause, your own one of a kind expert cleaning group is prepared and holding on to residue, vacuum and detail each room of your home.

Franchise Description: Merry Maids Limited Partnership is the franchisor. The franchisor awards establishments for house and window cleaning administrations for clients who don’t have room schedule-wise nor the craving to clean routinely. The Merry Maids framework is structured and most appropriate for private clients. While the Merry Maids framework gives exhaustive private cleaning even to a client wanting just a one-time visit, the framework isn’t for fiasco rebuilding or phenomenal cleaning ventures. The franchisor does likewise offer a change establishment to those people wishing to change over their current private cleaning business to a Merry Maids diversified business.

Training Overview: Franchisees or their director must finish the Initial Training Program in Memphis, Tennessee, or at such other area as the franchisor may assign. In the event that franchisees are another franchisee to the Merry maids service and no Initial Training Program is quickly accessible after they consent to their arrangement, the franchisor may enable them to go to a guide office to help their start-up. The franchisor for the most part holds a yearly three-day National Seminar at a lodging/assembly hall at an assigned area inside the United States. The program for the National Seminar incorporates at any rate 15 hours of instructional courses for establishment proprietors and chiefs. Franchisees must visit, at their very own cost, the primary National Seminar booked after they have consented to the Franchise Arrangement. The franchisor additionally holds Regional Meetings at least one times each year, at inns in different urban areas. These gatherings incorporate in any event six hours of preparing for establishment proprietors and administrators. Franchisees or an assigned official or chief of the diversified business must go to at any rate two of the gatherings offered every year, which incorporates the National Seminar and Regional Meetings. Extra virtual trainings are accessible during the time on points which the franchisor accepts will bear some significance with establishment organizations. During the initial 12 weeks of business activities, the franchisor will give business instructing comprising of standard phone calls.

Territory Granted: The franchisee will get a domain (Market) with at least 15,000 to 35,000 Qualified Households for a Full-Sized Market, at least 8,000 to 15,000 Qualified Households for a Mid-Sized Market, and up to 8,000 Qualified Households for a Small-Sized Market. A Qualified Household is a family unit with a normal yearly pay of $75,000 or higher. Notwithstanding Qualified Households, the franchisor will likewise think about all out populace and relative wealth in assigning each Market, using statistics information from SRC, LLC situated in Orange, California. While the Franchise Agreement is as a result, the franchisor won’t build up or permit another to set up some other Merry Maids establishment inside the Market. But when promoting agreeably with fitting franchisees, franchisees can’t publicize or request deals or acknowledge arranges outside their Market. Franchisees may confront rivalry from different franchisees, from the franchisor’s organization possessed business, or from different channels of dispersion or focused brands that the franchisor controls.

Obligations and Restrictions: The franchisor suggests, however does not require, that franchisees actually administer the diversified business. On the off chance that franchisees don’t actually regulate the business, or on the off chance that they are an organization, association, or restricted risk organization, they should utilize a director who will be in charge of direct, on-premises supervision of the business. The chief must have effectively finished the Merry Maids preparing program. Franchisees must offer and give every one of the administrations required. In the event that a client outside of the franchisee’s Market is looking for cleaning administrations, the franchisee will allude the solicitation to the Merry Maids office which covers the client’s region. Franchisees are required to pursue the franchisor’s cleaning procedures and utilize its cleaning products.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The starting establishment term is for a long time. On the off chance that franchisees have consented to the Franchise Agreement and kept up the business as per the OperationsManual, they will have the choice of reestablishing the establishment for extra times of five years each.

Financial Assistance: The franchisor does not offer direct financing. Its associate, ServiceMaster Acceptance Company (SMAC), offers financing for up to 80% of the Initial Franchise Fee up to a seven-year period.